Bluetooth Hub™

The Bluetooth Hub provides an industrial-grade alternative to consumer Bluetooth speakers.

After installation, your guests or clients will enjoy their favourite music with great sound, while Technical Services have nothing to worry about. The robust design of the Dampf unit features a Bluetooth Engine with internal ceramic antenna, pre-amplifier, 40W power amplifier and a micro-controller. An additional device (e.g. TV or tablet) can be connected through AUX-in (3.5mm audio jack). A multiplexer switches automatically between Bluetooth and Aux audio. 1-6 speakers can be connected in mono or stereo..

Bluetooth Hub™ | Optional features


As an optional extra the hub is provided with an AUX output cable. This provides the standard AUX (unbalanced) output for plugging into another amplifier. The output is the same sound as on the (balanced) speakers.


The hub is optionally provided with a 2 pin green output plug for a mono speaker (next to the 4 pin green stereo plug). This is typically used for a small speaker in the bathroom. The room speakers are in stereo and the bathroom speaker in mono. However, Volume can NOT be set separately for room and bathroom. In our experience this is not an issue as the bathroom speaker is normally a smaller (lower volume) “water resistant” speaker.

Dampf™ Audio systems enchants the whole family

Made in the Netherlands

The Dampf Bluetooth Hub™ is designed and being produced in The Netherlands.


Hotel Mode

The maximum sound is to chosen level, guests cannot change it. By assigning a unique name and pin-code per Dampf system we ensure safe pairing. Dampf is known to be hotel proof.

Easy to use

No buttons, cords, awkward menus or compulsory apps - just the personal device as a remote control. Everyone can connect to Dampf within seconds, resulting in frequent use thus real added value.

Zero maintenance

Dampf Hub™ always works, without looking back. The system monitors itself and is dust, heat and water resistant. We are even being trusted by experienced yacht builders. Reliability is important to us. The system is specially designed to run 24/7 for many years without maintenance.


The Dampf Bluetooth Hub™ is easy-to-use for any situation varying from small, private rooms to even public spaces. Using our add-ons it is even possible to enhance user-friendliness of existing AV-systems without having to replace them.

Trustworthy partner


Maximum volume

Both channels have their own trimmer. By selecting a maximum limit you determine the ideal sound level for any situation.


AUX-in for connecting external device (Dampf switches automatically between aux-in and Bluetooth).

Name and pin

The Bluetooth pairing name and 4 digit pin code can be changed indefinitely by the owner. A unique name and pin code per Bluetooth Hub ensure safe pairing.


Number of remembered pairing addresses can be set from 0 to 8).

Antennae Dynamic Range

Pairing distance (the distance at which a new unit can be “seen” in hotels this is often set to low) as well as the maximum working range can be programmed to an even lower or higher setting.

How Hub™ works

The four main blocks of the unit work together as follows: the Bluetooth module, which is connected to a ceramic antenna, independently looks for Bluetooth devices (like smart phones) and “pairs” with a device – only one at a time – if it fulfils the requirements. The resulting audio signal is sent to a pre-amplifier which boosts it and sends it to the power amplifier. The power amplifier signal is sent to the external speakers.

The controller checks the status of the other modules and will channel the flow as required. Another important element of the in-unit design (not shown in picture) is the safeguarding of the power quality; this minimises noise in all modules – and allows use of (external) switched power supplies.

Main components


Hotel rooms and suites, short and long-stay apartments, yachts and boats, spa and wellness, offices and work hubs, professional kitchens, conference and meeting spaces, small retail shops, bars and lounges.



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