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Professional soundbar for

Days in the office can be busy and stressful. Our favorite music allows us to relax and recharge. Dampf AIR is the perfect plug&play TV soundbar for background music and video playback in office spaces. 

Preset volume limitation option ensures that background music does not turn into parties, avoiding disturbance of co-workers. AIR also has a password protected Bluetooth connection for  safe audio streaming.

Switching between TV sound and Bluetooth audio goes automatic without
external switches or buttons.


Bluetooth [Name and password protected]


AUX 3.5 mm

Volume limitation

Theft proof

Plug & Play

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Order your Dampf air™ Soundbar for hotels. This product is now available for both sample and regular order intake. For a quotation please fill out the contact form below or send us an email via our regular contact form.

Multiple applications for
Dampf™ Bluetooth Soundbar

Multiple applications for Dampf™ Bluetooth Soundbar

Bars & Restaurants

Beauty salons


Gym & Fitness

Hotel rooms

Spa & Massage

Waiting rooms

Connect everything,

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