Dampf air™
Soundbar for Clinics

Professional soundbar for

Comfort clients by playing relaxing music, or maybe even their own playlists. Very easy with the Dampf AIR soundbar.

Dampf AIR also connects easily to the TV with HDMI ARC or AUX.                                          The password protected Bluetooth connection makes sure only authorized people can pair and play audio. 

Switching between TV sound and Bluetooth audio goes automatic without
external switches or buttons.


Bluetooth [Name and password protected]


AUX 3.5 mm

Volume limitation

Theft proof

Plug & Play

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Order your Dampf air™ Soundbar for hotels. This product is now available for both sample and regular order intake. For a quotation please fill out the contact form below or send us an email via our regular contact form.

Multiple applications for
Dampf™ Bluetooth Soundbar

Multiple applications for Dampf™ Bluetooth Soundbar

Bars & Restaurants

Beauty salons

Hotel rooms

Gym & Fitness


Spa & Massage

Waiting rooms

Connect everything,

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