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The Hospitality

❯ Connect your TV and Bluetooth-devices

The Dampf™

Unlike regular soundbars, Dampf AIR is 100% touchless. All control goes via TV or directly via the guest's smart-device (Bluetooth) without downloads, remotes or switches.


The Dampf
Bluetooth audio hub

❯ Connect your speakers

The Dampf™
Bluetooth Hub

is an industrial grade audio amplifier featuring a Bluetooth Engine with internal ceramic antenna, pre-amplifier, 40 W power amplifier (20 W RMS per channel) and a micro-controller.


Bluetooth Hub +
INN ceiling speakers

❯ Recessed / Ceiling speakers

Dampf iNN™

is out of reach and virtually invisible. The beautifully finished, ultra-thin speaker frames are available in any RAL colour to match the surface.  There is a choice between different speaker sizes. 


Bluetooth Hub +
DOS wall-mounted speakers

❯ Compact Wall mounted speakers

Dampf DOS™

is a stereo music system. This means that the system can do audio playback via Bluetooth, as well as that it can be connected to a TV via the AUX input. So your guests can enjoy their favourite personal audio stream and enjoy better television sound.


Bluetooth Hub +
ONE wall-mounted speakers

❯ Large Wall mounted speakers

Dampf ONE™

is the larger version of Dampf DOS. Its larger woofer and tweeter poduce a rich sound. Dampf ONE can be mounted to wall or ceiling. The system can be installed in less than 10 minutes and guarantees a high quality music experience.


Dampf™ accessories

  • Speaker cable
  • 12VDC power supply unit
  • Dampf program cable
  • Speaker splitter
  • Separate speakers
  • Soundbar VESA TV mount
  • Speaker selector
  • Wall mounted volume switch 
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