Dampf™ air
Hospitality Soundbar

The first soundbar for hotel rooms and conference rooms 

People get more and more used to high quality audio. Hotel guests deserve better sound than most TVs’ audio performance allows for. Dampf™ air™ adds good sound quality to the hotel room TV and provides Bluetooth audio streaming. All in one slick speaker.

Easy-to-install, zero maintenance and highly appreciated by hotel guests.


Volume limitation

By selecting a maximum limit you determine the ideal sound level for any situation. Avoid disturbance easily and effectively.

Proximity pairing

Dampf AIR only allows for Bluetooth pairing when in close proximity to the user's device.

unique Bluetooth ID & pin code

Each unit can be setup with its unique Bluetooth name and 4-digit pin code to ensure safe pairing.

Optical cable

Optical cable to connect Dampf AIR to a TV.

Theft protection

A secure anti-theft cable is provided to prevent Dampf AIR from being stolen.

No buttons/switches - No apps

Unlike regular soundbars, Dampf AIR is 100% touchless. All control goes via TV or directly via the guest's smart-device without the need to download anything or push any button.

Connect your TV

Connect your Smart device

Dampf™ air
Optional features


Dampf AIR comes with a standard wall-bracket. This optional VESA mount is the perfect tool for mounting Dampf AIR quickly and firmly to your TV. 


Custom RAL colour (front and back side) and logo are available (ask us for MOQ)

Bring alive your TV
with Dampf™

Order form

Samples are available in March 2023. Secure your Dampf AIR sample by filling out the form below. We will send you a confirmation of your reservation and also inform you about the next steps. Client´s who are on our priority list are the first to receive samples in March. Please also use this form to ask for quotations. 

Dampf™ air
makes a difference

TVs becoming thinner doesn’t mean we can’t have good sound. Our favorite music, movies and series are more enjoyable with good sound. Dampf AIR is a no-brainer. 



Are you looking for professional Bluetooth audio systems for your hotel projects?

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