New product release

HUB-X versatile digital amplifier

Available for delivery in the first week of June 2024

Award winning sound- made in Finland

New to our speaker portfolio is the compact, but potent all-round workhouse i3X.

Using the dedicated hardware the i3X can be mounted individually or in vertical columns of up to six units. Allowing increased coverage and power to match the space.

i3X perfectly combines with the Hub-X and OMEGA digital amplifiers. i3X is perfectly suitable for hotel rooms, suites, and small indoor and outdoor public spaces such as bar, restaurants, lounges and pool areas.

The hospitality soundbar by Dampf™

The first soundbar dedicated to hotel rooms. Secured Bluetooth pairing, Volume limitation & Easy connection to TV. Nothing but the best for your guests.

New 2024 model Dampf™ Hospitality soundbar

Dampf™ TPS product range

200W Digital amplifier with wireless TPS integration

Wireless full-range
cabinet loud speaker


Wireless full-range
ceiling speaker 

Smart hotels love Dampf™

Our valued clients vary from large 5 star ultra-luxury hotels such as The Set Hotels to independent boutique hotels like Suite Hotel Pincoffs. However, all our clients have something in common. They all value quality and care about their guests’ experiences.

Find us in the best hotels in the nicest cities!

Professional Bluetooth audio for hotel rooms and public area


Trusted by the Best Hoteliers Worldwide


Dampf™ secured Bluetooth pairing

Dampf™ makes Hotel Guests feel at home

Peoples' own music makes them feel at home away from home!

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Our advantages

De in the Netherlands

Dampf’s Amplifier and Bluetooth
technologies are made and designed in The Netherlands.


Listening to favourite music makes people feel at home. Dampf turns your guests’ smart devices into their personal music players.

Made for hotels

The maximum sound is to chosen level, guests cannot change it. By assigning a unique name and pin-code per Dampf system we ensure safe pairing. Dampf is 100% hotel proof.

Theft and damage proof

Dampf is physically out of reach of guests. No more wear and tear, lost or damaged systems, as so often experienced with other (Bluetooth) speakers.

Future proof

Bluetooth will remain as a standard. New developments are always backwards compatible. Streaming digital music is an established trend, growing exponentially in popularity.


Dampf provides easy-to-use and sustainable audio solutions for any situation varying from small, private rooms to large public spaces. Using our add-ons it is even possible to enhance user-friendliness of existing AV-systems without having to replace them.

Easy to use

No buttons, cords, awkward menus or compulsory apps – just the personal device as a remote control. Everyone can connect to Dampf within seconds, resulting in frequent use thus real added value.

Zero maintenance

Dampf always works, without looking back. The system monitors itself and is dust, heat and water resistant. Dampf is even being trusted by experienced yacht builders. To date no one has experienced a defective Dampf.

Bluetooth HUB-S™

All our in-room audio systems are powered by the innovative Dampf™ Bluetooth Hub-S™. In 2022 we added 3 new features. 

New Bluetooth chip using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 protocols. This allows Dampf to continue enhancing capabilities and performance based on project requirements. Antennae Dynamic Range improvements.

Antennae Dynamic Range improvements. Pairing distance (the distance at which a new unit can be “seen” in hotels this is often set to low ) as well as the maximum working range can be programmed to an even lower or higher setting. Optional output for 3rd (woofer) speaker.

Optional AUX output, allowing for transfer to another (stronger or zone) amplifier. Improved acoustic characteristics resulting in a whole lot more volume if needed.


Dampf™ is compatible with any Bluetooth 2.0 + device

In-room Bluetooth
Audio sets by Dampf™

Completely ready to install for a high quality and user friendly music experience in hotel rooms and more. 

Dampf INN integrated loudspeaker sets. Dampf INN guarantees an exceptional sound experience that your guests will remember. Ideal for hotel rooms and any other space where a durable and theft proof music solution is needed.

Dampf DOS wall mounted loudspeaker sets. Dampf DOS is supplied as a complete kit, ready to attach to the wall or on a DOS Dampf accessory. Installation is simple and straightforward. Ideal to provide rooms and suites with a highly regarded upgrade, without the need for works.

Dampf ONE wall-mounted OUTDOOR PROOF loudspeaker sets. Dampf ONE is the larger version of Dampf DOS. Its larger woofer and tweeter poduce a rich sound. Dampf ONE can be mounted to wall or ceiling. The system can be installed in less than 10 minutes and guarantees a high quality music experience both indoor and outdoor.


Dampf™ is compatible with any Bluetooth 2.0 + device

‘’The level of service we got from all employees and the possibility to play your own songs in the room were big bonuses.’’
‘’The executive rooms were spacious and beautifully furnished. The Rotterdam skyline view also amazed us. Additionally, they have a very nice sound system that plays your songs wirelessly which was a really nice touch to our stay as it was rainy outside.’’
''Room is nice and Modern and even has a bluetooth stereo system if you wish to listen to some music whilst working''
‘’Luxurious room equipped with all amenities we could wish for like a large flat screen TV, minibar and bluetooth audio system….''
‘’The *** hotel in Rotterdam is faboulusly located in the city center. The hotel’s modern interior design creates a great ambiance and the staff was really pleasant. The rooms were crisp and clean, and really exceeded our expectations. Especially the Bluetooth audio system was a pleasant surprise.’’
‘’We booked a Deluxe room which we liked very much: they had excellent beds that were really comfortable, a beautiful bathroom with a comfortable shower cabine and a Bluetooth music installation allowing us to listen to our own music; we loved listening to Händel on Sunday morning, just like we do at home! :-)’’
‘’The Bilderberg Parkhotel is both stylish and comfortable. The tower bedrooms are smart and well equipped. I particularly liked the Bluetooth connection allowing you to play music from your smartphone through high quality loudspeakers. Breakfast was good with a nice restaurant.’’
''Superb bathroom and sound system''
''Very comfortable and luxurious room with all amenities you could wish for (they even have built in Bluetooth speakers that connect wirelessly to your phone so you can hear your own songs throughout the room!)''
''Very happy with the friendly staff and our spacious room with all it’s nice features. The audio system was very easy to use and even played international radio in the bathroom in good quality sound.''
‘’We especially enjoyed listening to our favourite songs while enjoying the beautiful city skyline’’
''...Bluetooth audio built into the room allows you to listen to you own tunes from your iPhone, etc.''
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Dampf is a great match for
Student Housing

High-end student housing, requires extra features to differentiate. Dampf INN is the perfect extra. Avoid disturbing other inhabitants with volume limitation. And assure safe pairing with an unique pin code per room. Now go study and let the music play!


Your City needs our Sound!


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